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Whether it’s due to an accidental step or due to a conscious decision, if your Amazon account gets suspended; we can help you get it back running. We help you by creating an appeal process that makes Amazon acknowledge what problem has occurred, with a remedy that can get you back on track. And all of this in the shortest time possible. We are a team of experts who have years of experience in working with Amazon and are well versed in the e-commerce world.

Once you reach out to us, our team evaluates the reason for account suspension and responds with the possibility of reinstatement of the same as per the cause of suspension. Once the feasibility of reinstatement is established our team takes over the task of preparing a plan of action and guides and supports you throughout the process of reinstatement.

There are various packages available from which you can choose what kind of support you would require. For a fee suitable to the particular package, our team makes sure you receive a satisfactory service. Ecommerce Pundits stands out for its unique approach to dealing with its clients. The testimonials from satisfied clients speak for themselves. For any other details, kindly go through the FAQs.

Our Amazon Appeal Letter Services​

Your Amazon account can be suspended by an unfortunate or accidental step on your part. We help you rectify your error by creating an appeal process that makes Amazon acknowledge what problem has occurred, with remedy that can get you back on track.

Selling on amazon

We help bring you back to selling on Amazon by discovering the steps that are needed to re-structure your account in compliance with the Amazon’s rules, policies, and guidelines.

Fulfillment on amazon

Comprehensive consultation to make your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program in line with the leading e-commerce giant’s guidelines and requirements.

Amazon payment

We help set-up and deploy your Amazon Payments service with the right implementation in place as per your account’s specifications.

Amazon Sponsored Products

Complete overview of your sponsored process in place, and setting up of a platform that helps you gain maximum results and revenue from sponsored products.

Product review

A thorough evaluation of your products, ensuring they are in accordance with account’s conditions with detailed description and high-quality Images that helps your product listing get more visibility.

Catalog Management

How you are managing your catalog? Is it in accordance with the Amazon’s policies and rules? Is it managed to give you high revenue potential? We ensure to align all the aspects effectively.









Amazon Account Suspended?
Follow the Steps Below

• Contact us through the live chat, or

• Fill the online application form, or

• Email us @

Our Amazon account reinstating turnaround time is up to 48 hours from the time we start with your account re-instate plan.

Comprehension Amazon Account Support

From Amazon account reinstatement to ensuring you get prevented against such suspension possibilities, we are your right support:

Amazon Suspension Appeal

We help curate a plan of action with the right drafting of letter comprising of processes to get yur account working back again.

Amazon Suspension Prevention

Why you have to wait until you face such consequences? Make sure that your account is protected against faults, mistakes and errors with reliable consultation from the experts. We help you keep your account safe with complete knowledge and compliance toward the rules and regulations.

Enhances Account Health & Improved Sales

Is your account health down? Have you been experiencing a fall in sales an account authority? We help ensure that your account is right up to the Seller Account standards, with tips and steps on boosting sales.

Amazon Suspensions We Can Help With

There are several reasons for which your Amazon account can get suspended as per the rules and regulations laid down by Amazon. Some of these are:

Inauthentic Processes

  • Counterfeit products
  • Fake products
  • Forged documents
  • Inauthentic complaints/claims
  • Blocking of product listings due to authenticity issues

Policy Violation Issues

  • ASINs blocked
  • Selling of expired, prohibited items which is violation of policies
  • Product safety standard violations
  • Other policy violations

Performance Issues

  • Performance being below targets
  • Defect rate in processing orders
  • Conforming orders without the shipment of the items
  • Late on shipping rate is more than allowed
  • Manipulation of sales
  • Manipulation of reviews
  • Product not as being advertised in the listing
  • Selling other items than what the merchant account category is
  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate is high
  • Other violation pertaining to performance

Linked Account Issues

  • Related or linked seller accounts
  • Issues arising out of account verification, like while submitting documents

Apart from the above-mentioned points, we help appeal against your account suspension due to any other cause accordingly.

How can we get your Amazon Account reinstated in quick steps?

  • Contact us through any of the various modes to let us know in detail how your account got suspended. Select your package from the services provided
  • We will get back to you soon about our acceptance of your consultation requirement.
  • Pay the requisite fee.
  • Let us process your Amazon Account Appeal letter and Plan of Action, specifically developed by experienced professionals according to your account criteria, to be implemented for the account reinstatement.
  • Follow the guidance our experts give you to get your account reinstated.

Amazon Account Suspended – Domain- Expert Professionals at Your Service with Personalized Support

With years of experience working in every Amazon, whether you want a new account creation, along with consultation on seller support, Amazon fulfillment, payments, sponsored products, as well as much more, we are well placed to help you regarding your Amazon account reinstate support, the way you want.

Our core expertise lies in going through the Amazon account suspension in-depth, understand the reason for account suspension, plan the right course of action along with drafting an appeal letter that that fits the need perfectly to get your account back online in the shortest time possible.

Amazon Account Suspension Reinstate Team – Bringing Years of Amazon Experience to the Fore

Our team comprises of professionals who have comprehensive and working knowledge of how Amazon Seller Performance center works and that forms the base of our team to craft an account restoration policy that is designed to bring assured service. Prompt response, proficient action is our core expertise, and fast result is our service specialty. In many cases we are even able to get your account back in around 24 hours timeframe, although the average time is between 48-72 hours.

Wherever you are situated across the globe, you can rest assured that we are there to help you in the best way possible – we cover all the Amazon marketplace world-wide.

Talk to the experts now – Get your Amazon account reinstated quick!

Our Process


Our experts go through the Amazon account suspension in-depth. Based on your request, they decide whether your account reinstatement is feasible or not after accessing the reason for your account suspension, its quick analysis, and reviewing the information. Along with the information that you give, the team also requires copies of your correspondence with Amazon to make this decision.



Once your case is accepted for the Appeal you have to pay a fee according to the package you choose from our services.



After our bespoke Amazon Appeal Letter and Action of Plan, all you have to do is to wait for Amazon's Seller Performance Team to review that.


Amazon Appeal Letter

A plan of action is formulated and an Appeal letter is drafted specifically designed for your needs. We do not guide what to write in the letter and what not to. We also do not encourage using a template available online because that does not prove to be successful many times. This is where we stand apart from others. Our professional team’s detailed, analytical, and cohesive approach is to design the letter according to what your account is lacking. It shows how you want to rectify the process and what you are willing to do to keep your account in rule books of Amazon regulations.

Amazon Appeal Letter

Get Your Amazon Account Restored

After our bespoke Amazon Appeal Letter and Action of Plan, all you have to do is to wait for the Amazon’s Seller Performance Team review that. With our expertise and in-depth knowledge on how to proceed, and our 100% success record so far, you can rest assure of getting positive response from the Amazon.
As soon as you get reply for account restoration, you can proceed further to get back to your selling platform and build your business.

Get Your Amazon Account Restored

Amazon Account Health Enhancement

We not only stop here, we know how account suspension could have impacted to your accounts’ reputation. But reestablishing that isn’t a rocket science at all. With our knowledge and skills, along with our experience in the field, we work through analyzing all the metrics, and help give your account (if you wish us to) the facelift it needs to become the favored merchant for your potential customers.

Amazon Account Health Enhancement

Bespoke Amazon Account Suspension Reinstating Process – Why our Amazon Appeal Letter service is not template based?

When you are looking to get your Amazon account reinstated the most important things is ‘Amazon Account Appeal Letter’.

Your complete response to the suspension and your Action of Plan depends entirely on the Appeal Letter and the chance of success depends heavily on that letter. If you look around, you can find innumerable sources online pertaining to Amazon Appeal Letter template. However, there is a basic difference between a template and one that is genuine and crafted specialized by one.

We do not provide consultation on what you should write on your Appeal Letter and what not. That isn’t the way we service, and that won’t guarantee any success. For this you can proceed through any template letter you can find online. Why a template won’t effective to gain success is that Amazon Seller Performance team usually gets many requests on a daily basis regarding such, and they instantly recognize what is a template letter and what is written with given thought and according to the reason of suspension.

This is where we stand apart from others. Our professional team works through a detailed, analytical and cohesive approach that is designed according to what your account is lacking, what you make done unknowingly on your part, how you want to rectify the process and what you are willing to do to keep your account in rule books of Amazon regulations. They prepare a comprehensive letter, focusing on detailed aspects and minor points to make sure you stand the greater chance of succeeding.

You are experienced and skilled in what you do – sell your products. Handling Amazon should be left to the experts. Why do something on your own that you may not be able to do right and get yourself in more trouble. We take away all the hard work from your side, with no stress and hassle on you, while doing our best to craft a custom-tailored appeal process so that your account is reinstated soon.

We can help you selling back on Amazon within 24 hours – Consult us now!

Our Affordable Custom-Tailored Packages

Depending upon the problem your account is facing, the promptness you want for account restoration, the service you need to get your account up back, and running healthy, the budget you have – you can select the right service package designed to meet your needs, provided in a personalized manner.

Letter & Follow-Up

Designed for a simple suspension issue, this package is the most economical. In this, we provide one professionally written letter with follow-ups. The usual turnaround time for appeal letter delivery is 48-72 hours.

Appeal Letter with Follow-Up & Escalations

An appeal letter along with required follow-ups, revisions, and escalations (as much required) is provided in this package to get the process done for reinstating the account, inclusive of necessary tools. The time taken for the letter delivery is between 48 to 72 hours.

Complete Support – With Fast Turnaround

This package includes a letter prepared by a professional, coupled with follow-ups, revisions, and escalations leveraging all the tools. It is designed to help Amazon Merchant Account owners who want to limit their downtime and get their account back functioning again. The delivery turnaround time is 24 hours.

What to Do When Your Amazon Account is Suspended?

As we have mentioned above, there are several reasons for which your account can get suspended. This is where when setting up a new account; you need to have a full discussion with a professional who will lead you through the entire process of establishing the account in accordance to the Amazon’s policies and regulations. You need to pay full attention to each and every account set-up guidelines laid down by the Amazon, and maintain your functioning accordingly so as not to fall out of the rule books.

However, when your account gets suspended, follow the below mentioned steps so as to get your account in working state again:

  1. Pay Heed to Why the Account Has Been Suspended

The first thing you need to do is – not panic. When you get the correspondence from Amazon informing of account suspension, the first reaction could be of panic as it puts your business in a peculiar situation, something that could hurt your business running chance. However, you should remain calm and don’t panic at all. Every problem has a solution, and this too is a situation which can get resolved with the right procedure and professional support.

  1. Evaluate and Work on the Information

Gather all the information related to the account suspension – why it has been suspended, what and where your merchant account did go wrong, what kind of information has been provided by the Amazon Seller Performance Team, what their specific course of action suggestion is, and everything else related.

  1. Consult a Professional – Create the Plan of Action and Amazon Appeal Letter

This is the most important process concerning getting your Amazon Account reinstated back. While you can process through the letter and plan of action, having a professional by your side rendering quality and proficient consultation along with creating a letter and follow-up with that is something they can do it in the best shape. Doing it on your own may be a bit risky and can out your account in further trouble if you stray away from the track.

The structure of your plan of action is key to persuade the Amazon Seller Performance Team and increasing your chance of account restoration:

  • Introductory paragraph
  • Details of the issue
  • What steps you are going to take to avoid repeating that in the future
  • Closing statement

Make sure the letter and plan of action should be to-the-point, precise and doesn’t contain any long and overly descriptions. Make it as straight-forward with a touch of willingness on your part.

  1. Send the Appeal Letter

This is something that is done on the Amazon portal. It can be searched online on official Amazon website, or you can have your Amazon account suspension appeal team do that as they are well placed in this and know how to send the appeal and where.

When you want a professional to get your account reinstated – We are there for you 24/7 – Talk to us!

How to Prevent Amazon Account Suspension?

Suspension of your Amazon account not only affects the business but also leads to harming your reputation in the Amazon marketplace. To avoid being in that position it is always better to take the right approach beforehand.

  1. In-depth knowledge of Rules and Regulations

To be fully informed on how Amazon wants you to operate your account, get to know their rules and policies and guidelines in-depth first. Go through the rules and regulations of working with Amazon comprehensively and run your business accordingly.

  1. Avoid having More Than One Account without Approval

Having more than one account without Amazon’s prior approval can lead to the Amazon Seller ban. If there is a need for an additional account related to your first one, then you must get it approved by Amazon at first.

  1. Avoid Practicing Fake Promotional Activities
  • Reviews

Buying in fake product reviews and posting it on the product page gets detected can lead to account suspension. Avoid doing that to promote a product.

  • Discount Coupons in Title

 Including discount or sales information in the product-title is also against Amazon’s policy which you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Do Not Sell Inauthentic, Restricted & Controversial Products

 Amazon guidelines clearly state that selling counterfeit, fake restricted items (out of your account category) and controversial products will get your account suspended. Do not sell any such product that may lead to Amazon taking a step against your account.

  1. Not Paying to Attention to Other Legal Aspects and Violations

If you are violating any patent, trademark, and copyright aspect, then Amazon will first notify you of the error on your part through a complaint. If you do not pay attention to the complaint and act on that then your account is likely to be suspended.

Apart from the above mentioned points, issues like performance-related problems such as late shipment rate, continuous defect in processing orders, and many more can also get your account suspended. So, if you want to have your account protected against suspension then you must follow Amazon guidelines fully, complying with rules and regulations.

Want to Prevent Your Account From Suspension? We Can Help You Thoroughly, Adroitly with Expert and Detailed Consultation – Talk to Us Now!

Why Choose Us?

From Amazon account prevention against suspension to Amazon account suspension appeal letter support to enhancing your account’s health and performance, we are one-stop destination to meet your requirements fully.

  • Complete service support – from account suspension protection to account reinstating after suspension, as well as Amazon account health evaluation and performance boost.
  • Skilled, Experienced and knowledgeable team of professional who are proficient in understanding what could have led to your account suspension, what suitable action of plan has to be carried out to get your account reinstated back.
  • We understand how Amazon seller account process works and help you through a detailed process ensuring you are well ahead of others – Personalized support from scratch.
  • We provide a complete ad risk-free assessment of your Amazon suspension case.
  • We take only the cases that we know we are able to get reinstated, with honest and transparent assessment and information rendered to you.
  • Prompt process, time-bound support that helps to get your account restored in the time as we promise.
  • Bespoke Amazon suspension appeal letter crafted by professionals, instead of relying on the template, so that you get the right approach forward in front of the Amazon Seller Performance team.
  • Our in-depth knowledge, experience and know-how of Amazon’s rules, policies and condition guidelines ensure that always work through the right procedure and consult in the best way.
  • We are able to handle easy to complex tasks with the same zeal, commitment and skilled approach.

Our Testimonials

“atheme has allowed our department to gain control of software distribution very nicely… it is very easy to use and understand.”​
John Doe
“atheme has allowed our department to gain control of software distribution very nicely… it is very easy to use and understand.”​
John Doe

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on what type of suspension you are facing, and we will revert to that based on the information you provide related to account suspension.

You can contact us through live chat, or filling the online application form or by mailing to us.

We are available 24/7 and you can rest assure that we reply promptly to your query.

We will provide you with the best consultation we can offer based on thorough and analytical approach, and appeal to Amazon to the best of our abilities. However the final decision rests with the Amazon Seller Performance team.

We understand that losing the time means losing the business. We do our best to process the Amazon appeal as fast as possible, usually within 48 hours. However Amazon team can take from 2-4 days to 2-3 weeks also to respond to the appeal.

If we aren’t being able to get your account reinstated (on condition that you don’t make any changes to our drafted appeal letter) we provide 100% money back guarantee.

Yes, we provide free and thorough account investigation to ascertain the reasons for the suspension and that act further based on that.


"After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this plugin is simply awesome, and above standards of other free Page Builders. Try it and you'll love it!"
Ronald Neely
"After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this plugin is simply awesome, and above standards of other free Page Builders. Try it and you'll love it!"
Paras Shah
"After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this plugin is simply awesome, and above standards of other free Page Builders. Try it and you'll love it!"
Ronald Neely
"After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this plugin is simply awesome, and above standards of other free Page Builders. Try it and you'll love it!"
Paras Shah